At Indicold, we proud to lead the effort to promote energy efficiency across disintegrated cold storage infrastructure across our network locations. We are helping our network partners to become more sustainable by adopting technologies like solar rooftop power plants.

Our Maintenance and Energy teams use a continuous improvement process to evaluate facilities and identify opportunities to reduce energy and water usage, while increasing operating efficiencies. 

The steps we are undertaking towards a more sustainable future.

  • Promotion of adoption of Solar Energy across our Network Locations
  • Replacement of CFL Bulbs to LED Lighting
  • Energy Audits of our cold storage locations to identify improvements for our electrical systems to improve energy efficiency.
  • Operational innovations to ensure that even repeated door openings do not result in loss in efficiency. 


One of the most important reasons is the Potential Impacts from Climate Change

Providing temperature-controlled supply chain solutions is an energy intensive activity. The potential financial, strategic and business implications to Indicold of a two degree increase resulting from climate change include:

  • Higher energy costs due to extreme weather events, extreme temperatures and/or increased demand for limited resources.
  • Higher water costs due to increased scarcity of water sources and/or severe droughts.
  • Higher costs of materials due to environmental impacts from extraction and processing of raw materials and production of finished goods (e.g. pallets, corrugate and stretch wrap)
  • Lost revenue or higher expenses related to climate change events (e.g. higher insurance cost, uninsured losses, diminished customer retention in areas subject to extreme weather or resource availability constraints)

As a national player in the cold chain space, we seek to address the potential impacts through risk mitigation planning and proactively preparing for the potential effects of climate change.